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A designer will provide you with a design based on several factors. Your style and storage needs are just the beginning of the process. Your first meeting (Design Consultation) will determine what style direction you are wanting to go. We will discuss what the positive and negatives are with your current space and discuss space planning. For an example:  Do you entertain in your kitchen? Do you need additional storage in your closet? Your answers will help us determine the functional capacities that are required.



We provide a complimentary Design Consultation to assist both of us on what direction you are going and what your expectations are. Your designer will ask for images you like, your approximate budget and will ask for either your builder plans or have you provide measurements of the space to us.   It is important that we establish what your vision is.


It is critical that you provide your designer with your selections. An oversized refrigerator or stove and dramatically change the layout of the space and careful consideration must be given to ensure proper flow. If you only have manufacturer model numbers, that will work for the beginning of the design phase.


Your Designer will take final production measurements before offering you a binding estimate. Several meetings may be arranged to discuss obstructions, your flow of the space, selections of finishes, selection of hardware, and other key details to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Your project is unique and since there are many different ideas and factors involved, a general ballpark estimate will be provided. This ballpark estimate will be provided on simple design factors.  To provide you with a focused price, we will need to narrow the scope of your project and discuss all installation materials that will be included.

The Design Development will take 1 - 3 weeks from the initial Design Consultation Meeting, depending upon the number of spaces/areas. A Design retainer fee is requested at that time to proceed with your design process and will ensure your space as a current client and will authorize your designer to proceed with your designs. This fee is based off a low ballpark guesstimate of the cost of the cabinetry/millwork. This fee is deducted from your total once you have placed your order. Once the design and development process has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed estimate and 3D rendering plans, which will be yours to keep.


The next step will require your Designer to visit your jobsite to take Final Production Measurements. These measurements will ensure a custom fit. If you are purchasing your cabinetry for us to ship to you, we can facetime, or zoom meet with yourself or your contractor to obtain the necessary measurements.  Once we have final measurements, we will finalize the drawings, which will include selected appliances. These drawings will be detailed with 2D installation drawings/instructions.


We are typically 4-6 weeks from time of order to the delivery/shipping date. However, the production timing may be affected based on availability of materials and accessory items selected.



Q: If I provide you with a cabinet size, can you give me a ballpark estimate over the phone or via email?                                                            A: Yes, we do provide ballpark estimates when measurements or plans are provided.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to visit your manufacturing facility/office?                                                  

                 A: Yes, we are located in Sanford, Florida – near the Sanford Airport and is open by appointment.

Q: Do you offer installation for cabinetry not provided by you?                                                                    

                 A: No, we only provide installation services for cabinetry/millwork we provide.

Q: Do you offer refacing on existing cabinetry or provide modifications to cabinetry/closets not provided by you?      

                A: No, we do not provide refacing services or modify any cabinetry not provided by us.

Q: Are your estimates free?                                  

               A: We provide a complimentary Design Consultation and an estimate. There is a retainer fee for design and development services.

Q: Do you provide electrical, plumbing, tile services, countertops, and other trade specialties?                                                                            A: We are not a licensed electrical or plumbing contractor. However, we do have an “A – Team” we can recommend if you would like. We have completed many jobs together with the “A – Team” which assists with timely completion of your remodel process.

Q: Do you offer financing?          

             A: We do have a financial specialist we can refer.

Q: Do you offer builder or commercial discounting?

            A: Yes, we are also a wholesale cabinet and closet manufacturer and provide special pricing.

Q: Can I complete the design and order cabinets/closets through you, but install myself?    

          A: Yes, we have worked with several homeowners, handy-men, including DIY clients - providing them with th           necessary  hardware required for the installation. 




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